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  • This Airbus XLR Jack -to- G.A. Twin Plug Adapter converts a Headset that terminates in an Airbus XLR connector into a G.A. two-plug communication system.


  • Allows a Headset with an Airbus XLR termination to be used in a standard General Aviation (two-jack) aircraft radio system.

One Standard 5 PIN/DIN Female Airbus XLR connector Two Male G.A. Plugs: .250" Headphone (PJ-055) and .206" Microphone (PJ-068)




Two female G.A. Jacks: .250" Headphone (PJ-055) and .206" Microphone (PJ-068) One Standard 5 PIN/DIN Male Airbus XLR Connector.

HEADSET ADAPTER / XLR 5pins to G.A. twin

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